Limousine Kansas City Frequently Asked Questions

Can we smoke in the limousine?

Unfortunately state law requires that we allow positively no smoking inside our limousines and/or party busses. We do allow for stops if people would prefer to step outside of the limousine and/or party bus and smoke.

Can we drink on the limousine?

Although there is no state law requiring it, our personal policy is that all of our customers have a great time in our limousines and/or party busses. In order to do that, sometimes alcohol is involved. Feel free to bring as much alcohol as you'd like and we'll be sure to drive you safely.

Do you provide any alcohol for us to drink?

Unfortunately we do not provide any sort of alcohol for our customers to consume. We like to keep our prices low, so more people can enjoy an experience on a limousine or party bus! As such, bring as much alcohol as you want to enjoy your night (or day) in Kansas City!

What happens if we need to extend our hours?

The good thing that comes along with our 100% hassle free quote is that it is based on a per-hour basis and in order to give you the most satisfaction if you choose to extend your hours we will bill you on a per-hour basis.

If we need to stop and use the rest room do we get charged more?

Absolutely not! Our drivers will allow for absolutely as many comfort stops as needed in order to make your transportation with Limousine Kansas City enjoyable.

Is food included in the cost of our Limousine?

In order to keep our costs low for you and everybody else, we cannot provide food. You are, however, welcome to bring as much as you'd like onto the limousine and/or party bus in order for you and your guests to enjoy.

Do you provide only limousines? Or do you have party buses as well?

To keep everyone happy in Kansas City, we provide both Party Buses and Limousines for your pleasure. We are always keeping an eye out for new and exciting vehicles to make your event or party one to remember!

Bus or Limousine?

That depends on a lot of factors. How many people? What will you be doing? Just contact us with these details and we'll be happy to assist you.

Weekend or Week Night?

Our weekend rates are slightly more than our week day rates but don't let that stop you from scheduling for when you need service. Our prices are made so that anybody can afford us.